Luton Airport Parking

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Luton Airport Information

London Luton Airport is an international airport located in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, situated 1.5 miles east of the town centre, and 28 miles (45 km) north of Central London. The airport is owned by London Luton Airport Ltd, a company wholly owned by Luton Borough Council, and operated by London Luton Airport Operations Ltd.


Travelling by Car:
  • Postcode: LU2 9QT


There are a number of coaches that provide services to Luton airport. Green Line runs service 757 that runs daily from central London (Victoria, Marble Arch, Baker Street and Brent Cross) and Luton airport. National Express runs several routes to and from Luton airport to a range of destinations in London and across the regions. easyBus offers cheap services to the airport from central London (Victoria, Marble Arch, Baker Street) one way fares start from £2. There are also local buses that offer services from the airport to the surrounding areas that include Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, services are run by Arriva Bus & Centre Bus.

Luton Airport Parking Services

Navigate Luton Airport Parking with Ease

There are range of parking options available at Luton Airport. Most convenicent is On Airport but it is not the cheapest one

Luton Airport Car Parks provide convenient and secure options for travelers. With multiple car parks available, you can easily find a parking solution that suits your preferences. From short stay to long stay car parks, Luton Airport has you covered.

For those looking for a quick parking solution, the short stay car parks at Luton Airport are the ideal choice. These car parks are located close to the terminal, allowing for a seamless transition from your vehicle to the airport. Whether you need to drop off or pick up passengers, the short stay car parks offer parking spaces conveniently situated just a short walk from the terminal building. With transfer times as short as 15 minutes, you can efficiently navigate the airport without any hassle.

If you're planning a slightly longer trip, the mid stay car park at Luton Airport is a perfect option. Located within a short distance from the terminal, this car park provides a balance between convenience and affordability. A shuttle bus service is available to transport you between the car park and the terminal, ensuring a smooth and timely transfer. With frequent shuttle services, you won't have to worry about any delays.

For extended trips, the long stay car parks at Luton Airport are designed to cater to your needs. These car parks offer secure and monitored parking spaces, providing peace of mind during your time away. With a reliable shuttle bus service running at regular intervals, you can easily reach the terminal without any inconvenience. Pre-booking your parking space is recommended to secure the best rates and ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons.

In addition to car parking facilities, Luton Airport also offers lounges for passengers looking for comfort and relaxation before their flight. These lounges provide a tranquil environment where you can unwind and enjoy various amenities. Whether you need to catch up on work or simply relax with a drink, the lounges at Luton Airport offer a welcoming retreat.

To enhance your parking experience, Luton Airport provides convenient Park and Ride and Meet and Greet services. With Park and Ride, you can park your car in a designated car park and then take a shuttle bus to the terminal. This option is ideal for those who prefer a self-parking experience with the convenience of a shuttle transfer. On the other hand, Meet and Greet service allows you to drop off your car at a designated point near the terminal, and it will be parked for you by a professional service. This option is perfect for those who value convenience and want a hassle-free parking experience.

Off-site Luton Airport Parking
If you want to save some money and want cheap parking at Luton Airport then go with with an off-site option. Off-site car parks are not actually on airport grounds, although normally they are very close. Park and Ride services for Luton Airport are located just a few miles away. Before heading to your airport terminal, simply drive yourself to your chosen car park, check in, load your luggage on to the courtesy transfer bus and then relax. You are just within the short distance to the airport terminal. When you return following your trip, the courtesy bus will take you back to the car park where your vehicle will be ready for you to collect.
On-site Luton Airport Parking

As per the name, these car parks are on Luton airport grounds meaning they are the closest car parks to the main airport building. Some of this Luton Airport parking may still require a short bus ride but a lot of the car parks are within walking distance of the terminal.

Meet and Greet packages at Luton Airport

Most convenient and saves your from any unnecessary trip stress by using Meet and Greet services. It couldn't be easier - simply drive directly to your terminal at Luton Airport, where you'll be met by your own chauffeur. They will drive your car to a secure car park nearby, where it will stay for the duration of your trip, leaving you free to walk straight to your check-in desk. On arrival back at Luton, simply call the operator when you land and a chauffeur will be waiting with your vehicle at the designated pick up spot.

In conclusion, Luton Airport offers a variety of car parking options to suit every traveler's needs. From short stay to long stay car parks, Park and Ride to Meet and Greet services, you can choose the option that best fits your requirements. Whether you're traveling for a short or extended period, Luton Airport ensures a convenient and secure parking experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying your journey. So, pre-book your parking space, catch the shuttle bus, and embark on your adventure with peace of mind.