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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we use market leading payment solution provider to process payment transaction. Moreover we do not store your payment card details and these are securely passed to payment provider for booking only.

We provide state of the art parking comparison engine to instantly see all car parks available at your chosen airport, no matter the provider or the price. We care about your journey and love to hear feedback of car parks, good or bad. We work closely with our car park providers to ensure that they are keeping on top of car parks that consistently get bad reviews. Book the car park to suit you, we don't push you towards the most expensive, or the closest!

Yes, all the companies associated with us proivde the "meet and greet parking" compounds. You can check other facilitites while booking.

Yes booking once done is confirmed. You will get immediate confirmation via email.

We provide car park price comparison and booking service. These services are operated by respective companies. For more details please see here

  • Meet & Greet - Simply drive to the terminal entrance and meet the driver. On the return, call the driver and they will meet you with your car outside the terminal entrance. This is the quickets and most hassle free option.
  • Park & Ride - The most cost-effective parking type and normally a 5 to 10 minute transfer on the shuttle. The majority of Park & Ride facilities are very secure and offer a personalised customer service. The shuttles normally run very frequently and on demand.
  • At Airport - Parking is provided on airport itself. This is generally long stay option and sometimes short stay with airport terminal on walking distance.