About Us

We are a young and friendly technology startup based in Crawley, West Sussex. Our state of the art price comparison engine for airport parking provides a very efficient and unbiased service for all UK airport car parking.

How it started

It all started while trying to look for some reliable airport parking and the frustration with poorly built and slow loading websites with old outdated technologies. And there are huge number of websites providing very few and poor options. Also it is not easy to find best deals as most of the websites are biased towards expensive parking prices.

We believe that customer needs unbiased parking comparison prices from all provides with excellent technology at the back to make sure that finding parking to booking experience is as pleasant as possible. With this in mind we had spent 2 years in Research and Development on technology to make it all happen.

We have partnered with all parking providers in the market to make sure that our real time quote engine has full access to all booking data and each search is real-time and instant. No stale or incorrect prices and this is all done within less than 2 seconds thanks to hugely advanced price comparison engine compared to our competitors.

Average booking at Parking Deal Compare takes only 2 minutes from search to completion and booking email is instant as well thanks to the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud where we host our systems.

This is not all as our system is in active development based on the feedback from customers and technological changes. Exciting new features are planned to provide same technological advancement towards Airport Hotel + Parking and other functionality which we will be introducing soon, so please keep an eye.

For the curious ones who wants to know our technology stack:

  • Microsoft Net Core
  • Microsoft Azure/Amazon AWS cloud deployment
  • Cloudflare security
  • Data backup and best web security
  • Google Web Analytics

Benefits for our Customers

Unbiased price comparison
Best parking price guaranteed
Highest level of website security.
Very easy to use state of the art booking system.
Fully Online operation with modify booking, cancel booking, amend booking and other options.